Serving Sungria

Sungria is best enjoyed chilled over ice in a large wine glass. It already contains everything needed for complete enjoyment but hey, if you want to add your favorite fruit garnish, we won't judge.

Sungria is an extremely versatile drink of moderation that can be enjoyed at brunch, by the pool, in your favorite restaurants or wherever good friends and family spend time together. So grab a goblet, crank up your favorite sun-themed tune and let the “SUN” shine in!

Sungria and Food

Sungria is also very food friendly. Both the Blanco and the Tinto are just sweet enough to accentuate their wonderful fruit and spice characteristics but have enough balancing acidity to marry well with a host of foods from lighter fare like fish and poultry to savory meat and pasta dishes, stews and even spicy cuisine.

Check back here in the future. We will post some of our favorite recipes to pair with Sungria.