Our Handcrafted Process


From our production facility near San Sebastian, Spain,we handcraft Sungria Fine Wine Cocktail using premium Spanish varietal wines, Verdejo for the Blanco and Tempranillo for the Tinto. These wines, great in their own right, are the heart and soul of the blend. To the wine, we add all natural fruit juices from the Lleida region, commonly referred to as the “fruit basket” of Spain, and the Valencia region (I bet you can guess which juice we source from there).

Next we add a locally distilled, Spanish brandy that has been aged in French oak for more than one year. Sounds a lot like a traditional sangria so far but here’s where we transform this beverage into a Fine Wine Cocktail. A mixture of varietal grape concentrates are added which contribute complex fruit flavors and a pleasing natural sweetness that accentuates the fruit characteristics of both the wine and fruit juice.

If this weren’t already good enough, we then add our proprietary blend (fancy term for secret recipe) of all natural flavors and spices. This is what gives Sungria its iconic taste and truly sets this beverage apart. Finally, we hit it with a dose of happy, a.k.a. CO2. The bubbles lift the aromas in the glass and infuse the flavors in your palate while adding a refreshing liveliness to the blend. The end result is magic in the bottle, a truly innovative beverage in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Tasting Notes and Technical Information


Deep, rich, straw yellow/orange in color. Aromas and flavors of apple, citrus, peach and spice. Crisp yet rich and lush. Well balanced with a silky, creamy finish that beckons for another sip.

Alcohol: 9.4% ABV
RS: 10.4 g/100mL
pH: 3.46
TA: 0.066 g/100mL
CO2: 4.6 g/L


Dark garnet color. Aromatic dark fruits, berries, clove and spice in the nose. Flavors of the ripe Blackberry, plum, cherry and spice with light earthy tones and a lively, flirtatious spritz.

Alcohol: 9.1% ABV
RS: 11.2 g/100mL
pH: 3.52
TA: 0.050 g/100mL
CO2: 4.7 g/L