The Sungria Story:

Sungria is a celebration of life and the love of wine, food, family and friends. Inspired by one of the most revered beverages the world has ever known, Sungria is the evolution of sangria. With its production roots firmly planted in the beautiful Basque country of Spain, Sungria is a modern version of this time-honored classic.

Having spent more than two decades traveling throughout Europe and Latin America, we have had the opportunity to taste sangrias from many countries. While some of these homemade blends were superb, the process of creating them can be painstaking. When we tasted the ready to drink sangrias that were available in the marketplace, they were disappointing compared to the great house made sangrias we had experienced.

Therefore, we set out to create our own version of sangria. One that would more closely resemble those passionate blends we had tasted during our travels but with a slightly more modern, refined style. A delicious libation that would appeal to experienced wine drinkers and a new generation of millennial consumers alike. A beverage that’s complex yet seamless, sophisticated yet unpretentious but most importantly, refreshing and delicious! It is from this endeavor that SUNGRIA® Fine Wine Cocktail® was born.

We've dedicated years of heartfelt love and devotion to perfecting this product and our passion and pride shows in every glass.
So from our family to yours, CHEERS!

A Brief History of Sangria:

Sangria can be traced all the way back to the middle ages when wine a based concoction, often blended with various spices know as hippocras was enjoyed. In the 1700 & 1800's, a red punch called “Claret Cup Punch” became popular throughout Europe. This was typically made from Claret wine (Claret is a British term for a traditional Bordeaux blend of the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Cabernet Franc) mixed with brandy and fruit for added flavor.

Of course the country most closely associated with sangria is Spain. The history of sangria in this country is a long and storied one, dating back to 200 BC when the Romans moved through the Iberian Peninsula planting vineyards along the way. Red varietals grew exceptionally well there so the Spaniards created their own wine punch blended with fruit and brandy which they termed sangria.

In 1964 sangria was first introduced to the United States at the World Fair in New York where the Spanish World area served the fruity wine punch to visitors, and history was made!